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Online purchase - quite simply

We buy your old gold, old silver fast and reliable by post. Scrapgold, dentalgold, gold coins, fine gold, bars, table-plate etc. Change your old gold into cash. Straightforward and unproblematic.

Precious metals purchase

quite simply

online - by mail


Give us a ring or write a email and inform us about your offer for sale.

On our first page you find our daily precious metal prices and a precious metal accompanying letter (a form you have to complete), which is regulated by law. Please complete this form, sign it and add it to the consignment.


You have to pack your precious metal safely in a bubble envelope or in a packet and enclose the precious metal accompanying letter. Please send it to:

Graf-WorldWide GmbH
z.Hd. Herrn Frank Graf
Krämerstraße 16
63450 Hanau

Please don`t write expressions on the packet like jeweler, trade with precious metals or purchse of Gold, for reason nothing can relating to the content!

It is very important to send your packet by injured parcel. If you have quite a number with high value, we will engage our logistics partner with the collection.


After delivery of your precious metals we determine the value. We check for genuine and condition, then you will get our firm offer. Our daily precious metal prices are the basis for it. If you agree to the payment, we will remit money within three working days to your account. In case you don`t agree, you will get your precious metals immediately back free of forwarding costs.